Monday, June 6, 2011

Neocolor II Portrait Class......Photoshop Tutorial

Several students have requested help altering images
for portrait quilts.

If you are taking my
I will provide an image printed on fabric for you.

However, you are welcome to print your own if you prefer.

Photoshop Elements Tutorial
Neocolor II Portrait

Preparing the image to print on fabric:

This is the image to be altered in Photoshop
American Goldfinch

Open your Photoshop Elements Program

Photoshop Elements 4
The program is open and ready to go !

Click on.......File
Scroll down & click on.......Open

A new window will open:

Choose the American Goldfinch image

The American Goldfinch image has been opened in Photoshop

Top right hand side
Click on.......Standard Edit:

Click on.......Styles & Effects

Scroll down and double click........Photocopy
This will remove all of the color from the image

The image is now in black & white:

The image may be too large for the window...

At the bottom left side of the window...

Click on...... 100%

Click on........Fit on Screen

The image will now fit in the window

There are sliders on the top right side...

You can adjust the Detail & Darkness
of the black and white image if necessary.

Then, Click.......OK

Your altered image is complete

You may need to crop the image:

Click on........Image
Scroll down and click........Crop

The software crops the photo
(see the darker areas, they will be cut off)

I moved the cropped areas so the bird is in the center.
(notice the dark areas have changed from above)


The cropping is complete on this image

You need to check the Image Size
This will enable you to print the proper size image onto your fabric.
Click on.....Image
Scroll down to.....Resize
Slide over and click on.....Image Size

This new window will open up:

Look for:
Document Size
Width & Height

If you are printing your image onto
8.5 x 11 inch commercial fabric sheets,
put 11 in for the width.
The height will automatically set itself.

When I print on my widepath printer
I set the width and height for 13 x 19 inches.

SAVE your new altered image

CLOSE the new altered image file

This is the new altered image icon
on the desk top

Your altered image is now ready to be printed on fabric.

You can use commercial fabric sheets purchased from your local quilt shop, fabric or craft stores.
You can also iron fabric to the shiny/waxy side of freezer paper and run that through the printer.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Portraits,


Pam said...

thanks for that tutorial I would so love to be able to take your class just live to far away. thanks for keeping me so inspired.

Suzana said...

Thank you for this tutorial!

Frankie said...

Thank you for the tutorial - I'm going to try my first dog portrait and I've been struggling with changing the photo using Adobe - this is great information!