Thursday, January 6, 2011

Neocolor II Portrait.......Play Day

Instructor Play Day

The Permission 2 Play Instructors gathered together today to experiment further with Neocolor II Water Soluble Crayons.
We are working with the crayons in a more controlled manner to see if we can achieve portrait style fabric pieces.

Let's see what the day brings:

We each started out with a photo that was altered in Photoshop Elements to create a sort of child's coloring page.....printed on fabric

Nancy is working with a very large coneflower print out.
You can see the original photo she is working from just above her fabric piece.

Virginia is working on Clematis flowers
she is altering the color to purple from the original photo of pink flowers

Kathi is working on a portrait of a baby in a rocking chair smelling a flower

I am working on a favorite image of my quilting dog, Suzy
She is cuddling on a quilt on the couch

Virginia's Clematis
after water solution is applied

Nancy's Coneflower
after water solution is applied to most of it

Kathi's Baby Portraits
large one has had water solution painted on part of it
Smaller ones have no water solution.....yet

My Suzy Portrait
Water solution has been applied to the quilt portion so far

Because these were all printed on fabric with an
Epson printer using Durabrite Pigment Inks, we are able to wet them without any worries of the ink running.

These Neocolor II Portraits will eventually be basted together with batting and backing fabrics and free motion quilted.

I will keep you posted on our progress.

We are hoping to develop this into a class later this year.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Crayons,

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