Saturday, January 8, 2011

Art Cloth Round Robin.......Slideshow

Four Art Quilters joined forces to create art cloth.

We decided it would be done Round Robin style.

Each person brought a piece of cloth with one surface design technique on it.

In alphabetical order, we handed our cloth to the next person.

We each left with someone else's cloth...

We had one month to do a new surface design technique on the cloth.

Then we would meet and exchange our art cloth to the next person.

This went on for four months/four rounds.

Here are our results:

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We had one rule....

There was no pressure, we had no expectations for the finished piece of art cloth, all surface design techniques were allowed.

Was it better believe it was!

Will we do it again........absolutely, we have already exchanged new cloths and we have one month to do a new surface design technique to them.

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CLICK HERE to see what I did to Kathi's Art Cloth

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Cheryl said...

Beautiful work as always ! However I could not read any writting you had printed because it was white.
I was wondering what you used for the circle stamping.
I love how the flour resit works but I am not sure I would have the patince for it.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Just when you think you know how to do something, it's not right after all.
Sorry you couldn't view the white writing.
The slideshow software did not allow me to change the color of the text.....fooey.
For the circle stamping I used whatever was laying around at the time: the top of a pencil eraser, the lid of my water bottle, the lid of the paint jar, the lid of a round tin can....I just kept looking around for round things, then I would apply textile paint to them and stamp on the fabric.
It was great fun using found objects!
Give it a will make you smile.

Carol said...

They all turned out great. Looking forward to seeing the next set.