Thursday, January 20, 2011

Western Cowman Photo Contest.......Winners

When I am not creating Textile Art...
I am helping my family here on the farm.

I never leave home without my camera!

Farm life has afforded me opportunities to take FUN photographs.

Last fall I entered a couple in a photo contest:
Photo Contest 2010

Click Images to Enlarge:

" Oregon Wheat Field "
By: LuAnn Kessi

Won First Prize
Summer Scenic Category

The next image won Third Place in
The Dogs Category

This Third Place photo has a true place in my heart
Here is why...

This is Brad baling hay a few miles from our home.
He spent a good part of July cutting, raking & baling hay.
Which translates to a lot of hours away from home...

Our dog, Gunnr, missed Brad terribly!

So, I drove Gunnr down to the hay field for a visit...

When we pulled into the hay field,
Brad baled off the tractor to greet us...

This is when the fun began...

Once Gunnr spotted Brad getting off the tractor...
He raced through the hay field like he had wings

Jumping and leaping over the hay rows!

He couldn't get to Brad fast enough...

This is the photo that won:

" The Embrace "
By: LuAnn Kessi

A dog isn't your whole life,
but, a dog makes your life whole.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. LOVE LOVE Love it LuAnn. Beautiful pictures, and even more beautiful story!

  2. Very Nice. I always enjoy your stories tha go behind the photos!!! Very nice

  3. Beautiful pictures. My favorite is The Embrace, I love the story with it. Thanks.

  4. Congrats! All the photos are great- that looks like one happy pup! cw

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments.
    For me photography and quilting go hand in hand.
    I can't imagine one without the other.
    My photographs usually inspire me to create quilts.
    Many times the photos end up transferred into my quilts.
    Most days I have a sewing machine or a camera in my hand.....and many times I sit at my machine with my camera in my hand. The best of both worlds !
    LuAnn in Oregon