Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Hay Season & Feathers...


Work before Play

I spent the day on my little red tractor...

It was nice and cool out...

a perfect day for mowing hay

Look what I found:

Elk Antler

Elk herds spend a lot of time 

grazing in the hay fields,

and in the Spring the 

bull elk shed their antlers...

I kept my eye out, but didn't find any others.

It was a beautiful day outdoors !

When I came home I was

itching to do some stitching:

I pulled out a yard of hand dyed fabric

and put together a quilt sandwich 

and just played...

I have been doing so much piecing,

I forgot what it was like to machine quilt...

YLI Variations Thread

Always a favorite of mine !

High Contrast.....yellow on blue

Very satisfying !

A perfect way to end the day.

5 more hay fields to mow.

More To come...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi



  1. Would that Elk antler damage your mower? Glad you saw it first!

    1. Hi Mary, That is a great question! I did run over the antler. I never would have seen it in the tall grass......I saw it laying in the mowed grass. The hay mower is super powerful, I don't think the antler could have damaged it.

      Happy Summer,

  2. Your quilting is so fun! I bet it felt great to just play!

    1. Thank You Tammy! Yes, it was a great deal of FUN....makes me want to get out there and get to it!


  3. That fabric would make a beautiful tote bag or pillow.

    1. You are reading my mind Vicki! How are your bird babies doing? We have 3 nests of tree swallows and they are busy feeding their babies right now.