Sunday, January 17, 2021

Denim Jean Fabric Bins......Yes, More


I found some yellow plaid fabric

in the cupboard...

It made a perfect lining for the

last 2 denim jean fabric bins...

This red button is an old lucite button

with a metal trim around the edge.

I have had it for years and it has finally

found a home on this bin...

This red wooden heart button was a gift

and it is perfect on this bin...

I am leading a class on Monday

to create these little fabric bins...

More to Come !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Love those denim fabric bins. Now, do you have a place to put them?

    1. These little fabric bins make great gifts! Most of them are already spoken for. The larger ones hold a little square box of tissues nicely.


  2. You certainly have some great bins there. Those do look like a fun, quilt project that can add a nice pop of color to any space and a great way to use up some fabrics.

  3. Hallo LuAnn , heute hat die Elli (6 Jahre alt)aus der Jeans ein Utensilo genäht, Danke für die Anleitung!

    1. Translation:
      Hello LuAnn, today Elli (6 years old) sewed a utensil out of her jeans, thanks for the instructions!

      How wonderful 6 year old Elli stitched up a jeans bin for herself! That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

      My Best To You,