Sunday, May 17, 2020

Working Cattle....Spring 2020

It is Spring and that means it is time

to get the cattle worked and moved

to summer pasture...

Over the winter months,  the cattle are

fed in 5 different locations.

We spent this week herding them together

so we could work them...

Every cow and calf will get Fly Tags...

they are placed in the ear and help keep

the flies off  their face all summer.

They will also receive vaccinations 

to keep them healthy.

This is our cow table...

it is a busy place that holds all of our equipment

for tagging and vaccinating.

The Cowboy uses a pair of tagging pliers

to put in fly tags...

Our neighbor, a college student,

helps with the vaccinating and tagging...

Our son is doing the Freeze Branding

on the calves today...

The calves don't feel a thing.

After all of the cow and calf pairs

have been worked,

we herd them out onto the road:

I am out in front of the herd to direct any traffic,

which there isn't much on our little gravel road.

The rest of the crew is driving the cattle

from the back.

The cows will travel several miles

until they reach summer pasture:

It is always a good feeling 

to get them through the gate...

We will do this 3 more times...

and then all of the cattle will be worked

and put out on summer pasture.

It took all week to get this done...

I miss my sewing machine !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


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