Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Machine Quilting......Rayon Threads

I decided to play with Rayon Threads today...

Rayon Thread

I made up a quick sandwich with some

of my purple hand dyed fabric...

This is about a half yard in size.

I am using fusible fleece for batting.

I am working on my Bernina Artista 200

I am using an 80/12 teflon coated needle.

The rayon thread is quilting out beautifully.

Nearly done and the thread has 

held up shredding or breakage.

Robison-Anton Rayon Thread

This was so much fun,

I want to do more...

I am deciding on a second thread color

to do some over-stitching...

I will add a layer of 24 KT Gold

over the top of the previous stitching...

Oh, now I am getting excited !

I have always been partial to hyper-quilting...

also referred to as in-line quilting.

This is a before image 

with only the blue thread...

Here is the after image with the gold thread...

Almost done...

Yummy !

Makes my heart sing !

Rayon Threads...

I might just have to turn this practice sandwich

into a finished project.....hmmm.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi