Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wonder Clip Bowls...

I started making Wonder Clip Bowls

and I couldn't stop...

I used the Lazy Girl pattern...

Joan Hawley's patterns are excellent.

She does a great job explaining the

one way zip technique.

I've made 2 dozen of these zip bags

and they are still FUN to stitch up!

Each one easily holds 50 Wonder Clips!

They open wide so it is easy

to reach in and grab a clip when you need it.

Santa will deliver these to all of the

good little Quilters I know!

Do you remember this little girl?

All of our calves are black...

except this one.

We call her......Golden Girl

Look at her now.....all grown Up!

We were out in the pasture last night and

I snapped this photo of our gorgeous girl.

She is bred and will have her first baby

next year.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. What cute bags. I'm sure whomever receives one will treasure it and always think of you when they are sewing (or however they might end up using it). Love the update on your beautiful Golden Girl. How exciting that she is all grown up and going to be a Mama next Spring. Very exciting.


  2. It arrived and I love it!! Thank you so much for your generosity!!! Golden Girl is so pretty...I hope her calf is a heifer and has her coloring!! So easy to find that pretty girl. QuiltShopGal is so right, every time I see it I will think of you and bless you!!

  3. Luann, I took her Craftsy class and have made all three of the bags in that class. My least favorite was the one you really like. I like the small becca best. I thought about making them for my Girls Group this year but just haven't gotten up the energy to do that. Anyway, I never thought what I could do with the Sweetpea I made. Now I do. Going to give my wonderclips a new home. I'm also going to give it another try. Thanks!