Sunday, December 17, 2017

Weaning Heifer Calves...

We are weaning calves again...

This time it is the heifer calves,

the calves are now 6 months old...

We will sort the heifers from 

their calves in the corral.

My Golden Girl is the first heifer 

through the chute...

Her fly ear tags will be removed,

She will be vaccinated and wormed.

Golden Girl is bred and will have her

first calf next June 2018.

The calves have been sorted and

we will run them through the chute next:

These are heifer calves,

which means they weren't born until June,

so they are only 6 months of age.

After all of the calves have been worked,

it is time to load them in the trailer

and haul them up river to the goat barn...

This is the goat barn:

The goats will share half of their barn

with the newly weaned calves...

This is part of the Boer goat herd.

These are the newly weaned kid goats.

Unloading the calves at the goat barn:

How cute is this curious little kid goat?

He wanted to chew on my camera so badly.

The calves will remain in the barn for about

10 days, then we will haul them down river

to our place, where they will be fed for the winter

with 50 other weaned calves.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Oh my what fun videos and photographs. The calves and goats are all adorable. I'm still amazed to see how fast cows run. Thanks for sharing. I bet the Cow Boss, Cowboy and you are all exhausted after such a day.


  2. Thanks for the pics and videos. I can't believe that you get any quilting done with all of the farm work! Amazing!