Monday, August 21, 2017

Oregon Eclipse.....2017

8am...we fed the bottle calves

then headed across the river

and up on the ridge top...

The ridge top gives us 

the best view of our little valley.

You can see our house and barn on the

left side of the photo...

the river runs down the middle...

The cow barns are on the right side...

Mary's Peak is in the center of the photo.

We are preparing our camera equipment

for the solar eclipse at 9am this morning...




Here is the eclipse for the next 

1 minute and 40 seconds:

We could feel the sun's warmth 

leaving the earth...

At this point...

it was very dark and very cold outside.

The birds started chirping 

and flew into the trees.

When the sun came back into view...

our rooster started crowing, 

just like he does in the morning

when the sun comes up!

Here comes the sun again...

It began to warm up again outdoors

and the birds began to sing...

Within was light again!

What a blast!

We had a perfect seat for the event...

Nothing between us and the sun....and the moon!

What a magnificent experience!

Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Wow what an experience and fantastic photos. You will treasure the memory for a long time.

  2. FANTASTIC pictures!!! We too live in the 100% zone here in Oregon and watched the whole thing with my second grade class. Just awesome!

  3. These are beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Such a great view! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow! What amazing photos. We had 99% and that was awesome from our deck, but nothing like the total. Looks like we'll have the total in 2024. Thanks for sharing your experience and those wonderful pictures.

  6. Absolutely the best photos I have seen. I called it a magical experience and am so glad we got to see it.

  7. Thank you. What an experience that must have been. We had a somewhat cloudy on and off afternoon so got very little impact so I truly enjoyed your vision of the eclipse, 2017.

  8. Thank you for posting these awesome photos! Here in (usually sunny New Mexico) we had cloudy skies and it had rained the night before. My daughter said she saw it a little, but with the clouds I didn't think there was much to see, so I didn't bother. So thanks to you and your crew, lol, I got to see it now.

  9. We live in Medina, Ohio, where only an 80% coverage occurred. THANK YOU so very much for sharing your extraordinary photos of the TOTAL experience!!!!!

  10. This was the best Eclipse post I've read. We live outside of Chicago so we didn't have too much coverage. I so enjoyed your photos and had to share with my hubby who enjoyed them also. Thanks for sharing your photos. It is very much appreciated.

  11. I agree with previous comment...this was the best Eclipse post yet!!! Your pictures ere fantastic!!! What a wonderful opportunity and memory you will all have!!!

  12. Fabulous photos! Thank you for posting. Here in Massachusetts where I live, the light dimmed a bit, we had cloud cover.

  13. THose were awesome photos - you did have a great place to view it!!

  14. You all got some great pictures! We were in town taking care of business, but I knew that we would be there so brought the glasses. We shared with passers-by who weren't prepared. It was fun!

  15. Wow! That must have been incredible. Your photos are awesome, and what a fantastic view you had.. Not so good here in the Arctic--we saw a half moon, but it was cloudy for the most part.

  16. Wow that's so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Thank you for sharing your magnificent pictures of the eclipse!! Wow, you definitely had the best place for viewing it and getting pictures. Simply incredible! It just got a bit dim down here and I could never see the moon taking a bite out of the sun.