Thursday, June 15, 2017

Abstract Art Quilt.....Inspiration

Abstract Art Quilts intrigue me...

I admire the work of Pat Pauly (shown here)

I purchased her DVD

Abstract Art Quilt Design
from Start to Finish

I invited my Art Sisters over today...

We all brought our fabric scraps

an open mind and a

willingness to try something new...

We are employing Pat Pauly's 

index card technique.

It gives you a jump start to abstract designing!

In a round robin method,

we stitched a scrap onto a card

then handed it off to the next person to add to.

This continued until the cards were filled up.

This was liberating!

Also challenging!

Very Relaxing!

These are not finished pieces of art work...

just a jumping off point...

an inspiration.

After a few hours...

the completed cards were piling up.....yum!

I think it helped to have input from all of us...

If I had done these all by my lonesome...

I think they all would have looked the same.

I tend to stick to the same colors and my own 

style of design.

Many hands make interesting work!

 At the end of the day, we took turns 

choosing the cards that inspired us:

These are the cards I chose...

These are the cards Kathi chose.

Nancy and Carmen got out the door before

I could snap a photo of their cards.

Rather than stare at an empty design wall

and try to design an abstract art quilt...

We now have these inspiration cards to get

those creative juices flowing...

We have decided on a 20 x 32 inch format

for our first Abstract Art Quilt.

We will meet in one month

and discuss our progress.

I left my work table looking like this:

Makes me want to sit down and 

make more cards!

Our hay fields here @ home are ripening...

we are getting the hay equipment ready to go...

rather than the hum of a sewing machine,

I will be listening to the roar of tractor.

I will sneak time whenever I can

to work on my first Abstract Art Quilt...

I will share my progress as I go along.

More to Come!

CLICK HERE to check out the fabrics 

I created for this project.

CLICK HERE to view more index cards

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. You now have postcards ready to mail if you need one.

  2. What a cool exercise. I love the circular element in the designs and will look forward to seeing what you make with those ideas.

  3. I've taken a class with Pauly and also done the card exercise. As you say 'many hands' certainly made it more interesting and eclectic. I'm very interested to see how you translate this into a 'piece'. I've just looked at your discharge pieces and yup, you have to work LARGE to get the Pauly look.

  4. What a great concept!!! I don't know that I am familiar with Pauly's work...but will check it out! I would love for our small fiber group to do cool! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Pauly's work is very inspiring! I like how you close your blog posts. Last night at my guild meeting I thought of your blog when a member said she had filled a few bobbins, but forgot to put one back into her sewing machine. Took a few trys at sewing, before she figured out the problem. So, may your bobbin be full and IN the machine.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed looking at the cards and the process. Great inspiration!

  7. Oh, my goodness! I wish that I'd been there!

  8. These cards are great!!! Love the round robin idea and the small format. Such fun!