Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Play Day........Fish Printing

The Art Sisters gathered @ the Quilt Palace 

to do some Fish Printing

aka.....Gyotaku Fishing Rubbing

Please Note:

at the end of this post is a video

so you can watch how this is done.

Here is how our Play Day went......Enjoy!

After our resident fish printer, Kathi, gave us a demo...

Nancy jumped right in to give this a try!

We are printing from this Fish today...

Nancy's Fish Print

So much detail on this fish print.

We are using cotton fabric.

We all gave it a try!

This is Kathi out on the Pacific Ocean here in Oregon

After the real fish printing was done...

We cracked open the box of rubber replica fish...

Kathi purchased these from Dick Blick online

A large variety of rubber replicas...

The rubber replicas also print with lots of detail...

Nancy printed fish on a piece of sun print fabric

Nancy also created place mats for fish dinners...

She applies craft paint to a bass replica fish...

You can see the Bass place mat in the center of this image.

These are Nancy's fish prints for the day.

Kathi tried white acrylic paint to see how her fish would 

print on very dark fabrics......they show up quite well.

Kathi printed the rubber frogs.....they print really well.

I printed several rubber fish on a piece of ice dyed fabric.

We plan to teach this as a Permission 2 Play Class:

August 27, 2015 @ 1:00
Instructor:  Kathi Borrego
Technique:  Gyotaku Fish Rubbing

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. i have wanted to do fish printing for a long time now. But I am really not into fish and have no reason to procure one. I had no idea Dick Blick had rubber ones! Now, that is a doable thing.

    (I hate fish, and I live in Louisiana! Go figure!)


  2. OH that is so cool!! I am a fishing quilter, so works for me!

  3. What fun. Many years ago a friend took such a fish painting class, but my schedule wouldn't allow me to join. I've always loved this look and wanted to give it a try. Thanks for sharing all the insights. But while I'll definitely give this a try, I'd LOVE to take the class with you.


    PS - I'm happy to learn this can be done without painting a yummy fish, as I'd prefer to eat it! :)

  4. I so want to do this. Tell me do I need special treated fabric, special paint? I am in NC or I would take your class. Will the fish clean back up so can be reused?

  5. You can print on most any fabrics, no pre-treatment necessary. Most any paints will work. We used textile paints to keep the prints soft on the fabric. Yes, the fish clean up, however some colors stain the rubber, but do not harm them or transfer later, just stain.

    LuAnn Kessi