Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thread Shed…..Tour

A look at what is going on in the Thread Shed this week:

I am working with the Bernina.

The machine sits on a computer desk 

on a lower keyboard shelf.

The thread stand 

is mounted on the back of the sewing machine.

I can use spool and cone threads 

and they all feed properly with this stand.

A chest of drawers sits to the right of the machine…

It holds sewing machine supplies…

Everything is easy to reach when I need it.

Then I can close it all up at the end of the day.

To the right of the machine is another chest of drawers.

This holds sewing machine attachments, 

bobbin cases, manuals, etc.

The book case on the right holds my thread stash

Match Box Car plastic cases 

hold all the small spool threads…

Larger plastic cases below 

hold the cone threads for the Sweet 16 Machine.

I am able to sit at the machine 

and have everything within an arm's reach.

Light is so important…

especially at night and when sewing on black fabrics with black thread.

I have a Brite Lite attached to my machine,

A table light behind the machine,

A floor stand light in front of the machine.

I can sew a lot longer if I don't experience eye strain.

Directly across from the sewing machine is the design wall.

I can get some distance between me and the design.

I can look at my next project 

while I am working on the current one.

Media Cabinet...

Gotta have the tunes and the tube!

I can view tutorial videos, 

then go to the machine and try the technique.

One of 3 cutting tables sits in front of the design wall…

Makes it easy to trim pieces 

and put them up on the wall as I work.

View from the cutting table…

Depending on the time of day, 

I can see cattle, horses, goats, elk, eagles…

The Sweet 16 Sit-Down Long Arm Machine

is to the left of the design wall.

I am finishing up table runners this week…

This is what the Thread Shed looks like this week.

Next week I am screen printing…..this place will be a wreck!

Sunrise in the back yard this morning

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. That last photo is spectacular!

  2. I love seeing how other quilters organize their space and supplies. Thanks, so much, for sharing.

  3. I'm breaking ground on a new studio tomorrow. Every detail about every sewing space is enlightening. Thanks for sharing~

  4. Thanks for sharing how you set up your studio. I am reconfiguring mine, so I like to see how others do it..