Monday, June 11, 2012

Screens are Drying...

I decided to move the wet screens out doors today...

This is day 2....and they still have areas of wet dye

A few hours in the sunshine helped to dry them

This screen had the cardboard sleeves from a Starbucks Coffee

This screen had a rubber pad that you put under a carpet
to prevent it from slipping

Bubble Wrap and Corrugated Card Board

Round Rubber Disks to prevent slipping in the tub
Rubber Bands and bubble wrap

Wire Mesh Paper Plate Holder
and Starbucks Coffee Cup Sleeves

Round plastic caps off of all sorts of bottles and containers

Wire Mesh that you put over rain gutters to keep leaves out

Plastic Wrap scrunched up and left to dry all wrinkled

Bathtub non slip rings, metal hooks, paper clips, pop tops from cans


I found a few more items I wanted to try out...

I mixed up another quart of thickened paste and made
5 more screens........these are addicting!

Wire Mesh......Back of Screen

Wire Mesh......Front of Screen.....Not dry yet.

Several colors of thickened dye....drawn out in lines

Disposable Gloves......Back Side of Screen

Disposable Gloves.....Front Side of Screen.....Not dry Yet.

There will be a lot more wrinkles as this dries out.

Plastic Mesh Grid......Back of Screen

Plastic Mesh Grid......Front Side.....Not Dry Yet.

Time to pack up the screens
and round up the rest of the supplies
for the Screen Printing Play Day on Wednesday...

More to Come!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi

1 comment:

queenopearls said...

Hi LuAnn,
If I were closer I'd be drooling on your screens *AND* taking your class!
I thought for sure I'd see a spent Iris bloom on a screen ;)
Can't wait to see the results.
All the best,
Christina in Cleveland