Saturday, June 9, 2012

Screen Printing.....Deconstructed

I haven't had the camera in my hands much this week.

My hands have been full of fabric dyes...

Today I mixed up thickened dye paste

Sodium Alginate/Powdered Seaweed
thickens the dye powders

Condiment Containers
full of thickened dye paste

These make it easy to squirt the dye onto the screens

I wasn't able to take too many process images today because my hands were full of dye and I didn't want it all over the camera.....eek!

After the thickened dye paste is applied to the screen...

You can place all sorts of textured items into the paste
and allow them to dry overnight.

Tomorrow I will remove the objects from the screens...

Next week I will take the screens to a
Screen Printing Play Day

I will take the camera along too so you can see
the results of the Deconstructed Screens.

I am also preparing for a Fabric Dyeing Workshop
here at Kessi Farms next weekend...

12 students are joining me in the back yard for a day
of creating hand dyed fabric....
We have room for a few more students if you are interested!
Inquire at:

My hands have been busy in the flower beds too...

The iris are in full bloom...

The Rhodies are blooming too.

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

CLICK HERE to view: The Deconstructed Screens Drying

CLICK HERE to view: Deconstructed Screen Printing Video

CLICK HERE to view: Breakdown or Deconstructed Printing

CLICK HERE to view: Fabric Dyeing Workshop June 16, 2012

CLICK HERE to view: Screen Printing Play Day June 2011

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi

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