Sunday, December 4, 2011

More Microwave Dyeing...

I finished up the last of the microwave dyeing...

If you are on my Christmas list
don't look at the photos below:

Unders for the dudes in the family...

Most of the guys like the long leg style...

My boys saw the undies I dyed for the girls last week,
and wanted in on some of the dyeing action!

Now all of the guys in the family will have dyed unders
in their stockings at Christmas.

Sox for the guys too!

Here are the undies I dyed for the girls last week...

Sox for the girls...

Christmas will be colorful...

I saved the best for last:

Bamboo Sox

These take the dye beautifully...

The bamboo is oh, so soft....and yummy!

A few of these will find their way into my dresser!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Dye,


  1. Oh these are so fun! You've now given me an idea for stocking stuffers for next year!

  2. I LOVE all of them!!! NICE ideas! Merry Dyeing!

  3. Great colourfull christmaspresents :-)

  4. A great and colorful idea. But how did you keep the dye off the waistband?

  5. Only the cotton fiber reacts to the dye.
    Since the waistband is elastic, it does not take the dye. It washes right off.

  6. No way! what a great idea and such super gifts!

    I hope everyone feels special in their fancy colorful undies!