Sunday, November 6, 2011


I have my Challenge Quilt under the needle of my new
Sweet Sixteen Sit-Down Long Arm

I am adjusting to working on a new machine

Click Images to Enlarge:

This is a warm up quilt sandwich that matches the fabrics in
my challenge quilt...
I am adjusting to a totally different bobbin, a Class M Bobbin.
It requires almost NO tension compared to my Bernina.

I am also adjusting to a different kind of free motion/darning foot.
This foot is bigger than what I am used to.
I think I am going to switch to the open-toe foot.

After a few minutes of warm up quilting...
I have adjusted the tension and can get started on
the Challenge Quilt.

The first block quilted up nicely...

I am getting more comfortable with each block I Quilt...

I am enjoying the comfort of sixteen inches of harp space.
I can concentrate on my quilting, and not so much on bunching the quilt up underneath the machine.

Here is a BEFORE image of this block...

The leaves have been outline quilted...

Quilting on this block is done.

I am slowly adjusting to working on a new machine.
I know some day we will be good friends.

Gunner is also making adjustments...

He is learning to sleep in the bed under the sewing machine
without his Suzy girl...

It has been a time of adjustment for all of us.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


Pattilou said...

Oh, that makes me jealous. 16 inches of throat space. day for me, until then, my Bernina is working like a work horse on my donation quilts. I'm a bit lazy and just doing most meander as I'm working on speed right now and using up fabrics that are "unfavorites".

Vicki W said...

The leaf quilt is coming along beautifully!