Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Cloth Round Robin....2011

We are back at it again...

Art Cloth Round Robin

Nancy Bryant
Virginia Gregory
Kathi Borrego
LuAnn Kessi

We are trying out different surface design techniques:

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Kathy's Art Cloth
Round 1
Sunprinted w/Setacolor Textile Paints

Kathi's cloth was handed off to Virginia
Check out what she did to it:

Round 2
Virginia painted back over the top of Kathi's cloth w/setacolor paints, scrunched it up and put it outside in the winter sun to sunprint...
This definitely enhanced the fabric

Now on to my Art Cloth:

LuAnn's Art Cloth
White fabric painted with setacolor paints.
Fish netting, lace and crochet placed on top.
Then placed out into the sun to print...

LuAnn's Art Cloth
Round 1
Sunprinted w/Setacolor Textile Paints

Then my art cloth was handed off to Kathi:

LuAnn's Art Cloth
Round 2
The swirly paper was Kathi's inspiration

Kathi created these stamps:

She glued string to wooden blocks to create a hand made stamp

Kathi practiced on this piece of fabric to be sure the stamps worked well.

This is Virginia's Art Cloth:

Virginia's Art Cloth
Round 1
Sunprinted w/Setacolor Textile Paints

It was handed off to Nancy...

Virginia's Art Cloth
Round 2
Nancy created a plaid design on it

This is Nancy's process:

She taped over the top of the fabric to create a mask

She used all sizes of tape to keep it interesting

Then she stenciled over the top w/Textile Paints

Now onto Nancy's Art Cloth:

Nancy's Art Cloth
Round 1
Sunprinting w/Setacolor Textile Paints

Then it was passed along to me:

Nancy's Art Cloth
Round 2
Branches & Sprayed w/Tulip Textile Paint

Here is my process for Round 2 on Nancy's cloth:

The darker lines in Nancy's cloth made me think of trees...
So I went down to the river to look at the trees and brought back a few branches

I placed the branches on top of the fabric
I really liked this look...

I painted over the top of the entire piece with Tulip Textile Spray Paints

When I removed the branches it created this lovely surface design

Nancy's Art Cloth
Round 2

We will keep you posted for Round 3...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Surface Design,

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