Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day.....2011

Remember as a child when you woke up in the morning
to find out school had been cancelled...

because of a SNOW DAY !

Welcome to My World:

7 am I stepped out the back door
and this is what I saw...

Little Snow Cakes on top of the fence posts!

Click Images to Enlarge !

Across the river the Cow Barns are covered in Snow

Gunnr was more than happy to join me outdoors:

He is staring over at the barn...

Gunnr is letting me know that he sees...

a yearling calf taking shelter in one of the horse stalls

This little yellow building is...

The happiest place on earth...
The Thread Shed

All of my quilted textiles are born in this building

Yes, I am a Jersey Girl Originally...
I have lived in Oregon for 30 years

Just outside the Thread Shed
Growing on the Arbor

These tiny little buds are braving the snow...

This is the corral fence just behind the Thread Shed.
The livestock are good company while I sew.

The corral fence makes a good perch for the birds.

Grape Arbor
CLICK HERE to view the Grape Arbor last fall

Luckily these little apple trees
haven't bloomed yet...

This is pretty much the tour around the yard...

I am heading back in to make some breakfast...

Gunnr and Suzy are ready to go back inside too !

After breakfast we are moving cattle...

I will post more images of the cattle drive when we get back!

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

CLICK HERE to view:  Cattle Drive in the Snow

CLICK HERE to view the Thread Shed

CLICK HERE to view Birds

CLICK HERE to view more Snow Images

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full of Snow,


  1. You live in heaven! Can I move in? I'll build a little log cabin over the hill. Oye! You are blessed!

  2. Paradise. Simple. Pure. I love it. Thank you for sharing it!

  3. I too love snow -- your pictures are wonderful!

  4. What a great blog, great space and great place! I found your blog via the Quilting Gallery and your wonderful sunflower quilt you entered in the modern quilt contest... I voted for it because I really liked it! Spent a little bit looking at your Thread Shed posts --- just so cute and happy to be in that space. One day I dream to have a dedicated space like that just for sewing and quilting! Thanks for sharing.