Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flour Paste Resist...Art Cloth Round Robin

I am part of an Art Cloth Round Robin Group

We try out different Surface Design Techniques on Fabric

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Round 1
This piece was sun printed with Setacolor Textile Paints

Round 2
The next person stamped on it with a potato and bubble wrap

Then it was handed off to me...

Round 3
I am doing Flour Paste Resist

It helps the drying process if you put it on baking racks to allow air to get underneath.
This piece dried in 24 hours.

I am ready to paint it...

You really have to work at it to get the flour to crack.
I grip the fabric and slide it over the edge of the table to get it to crack this finely.

I use a cardboard tube to drape the fabric over while I am painting it.
It helps to keep the flour cracks open so the paint can get down into the fabric.

I used Lumiere Textile Paint

I thinned it down with a little bit of water to help the paint flow into the flour cracks.

This is the back side of the flour fabric...
Good idea to check and see how much paint is coming through.

Now it is time to air dry the paint and allow it to cure.
Normally you heat set Textile Paint after it dries, but that is not possible with the layer of dried flour on the surface.

I am impatient...
so I peeled off some of the flour to take a peek!

Now I sit and wait...
We will have the Round Robin exchange later this month.
I will post images of the BIG REVEAL.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

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