Sunday, June 20, 2021

It's That Time of the Year....


The Foxglove are blooming !

The Cowboy has hooked up the mower

to my little red tractor...

It is Hay Making season here in Western Oregon

I am in the first of six hay fields we will

be mowing this year...

It is a really long field

and will take me about 8 hours to get it mowed...

I will have lots of company...

there are a few cow and calf pairs up on the hill

by the red barn.

they are grazing on the hillside just above

the hay field.

You can see the foxgloves growing 

along the fence...

The foxgloves grow like weeds here...

At the other end of this long field,

is our place, way off in the distance,

across the river...

I am nearly 6 hours into mowing,

the end of the field is getting skinny!

Bye for Now !

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