Saturday, May 15, 2021

Quilt Retreat Week...

I spent the week with

The Harlan Valley Quilters 

Spring Quilt Retreat

Debbie did some ice dyeing...

Pillowcases......Ice Dyeing

Debbie is making rubber pedal pads...

they keep your sewing machine pedal 

from sliding around.

We finished piecing the Pick Up Stix Quilt:

We are all taking turns 

machine quilting this week...

Straight Lines quilted with the walking foot

Lita is quilting on the Pick Up Stix Quilt

Betty is working on this chicken applique' quilt

Claudette is piecing a baby quilt

Linda is adding Rick Rack to her orange peels

Orange Peel Blocks

Rachelle is making Microwave Bowl Cozies...

Microwave Bowl Cozies

Debbie is working on her Kitty Quilt

Claudette finished her baby quilt top

and also basted it together and began the quilting

I am designing the borders on my

orange peel/pumpkin seed quilt top

Debbie completed her cat quilt

I am quilting the borders of the

Pick Up Stix quilt...

I am using long arm rulers

for the border quilting...

these are so FUN...

All of the quilters who worked on the

Pick Up Stix quilt

put their name in the hat...

at the end of the quilt retreat...

Larissa's name was pulled from the hat...

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !

Congrats Larissa !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. What a fun looking retreat! And lucky Larissa! The quilt is wonderful! And she looks adorable!

    1. Hi Robbie, Yes, it was a great deal of FUN.....just what we all needed! Yes, Larissa is just as adorable on the inside as she is on the outside. She is a newbie quilter and such a natural sewist.

      Thanks Robbie,

  2. What a productive retreat!!! Such a fun idea to draw for a quilt made by all of you! Finally getting some Vit. F (friends) after a year of staying at home - perfect!!!

    1. Always FUN being surrounded by Quilty Friends!


  3. OMG, ric rac orange peel blocks! I have such a huge collection of ric rac!

    1. Hi Vicki,
      Yes, my friend Linda is having a great deal of FUN applying ric rac to her orange peels. It is so playful.


    2. I agree--that ric rac adds a new dimension to the pattern. And yours is looking fantastic!

    3. The orange peels with ric rac is my friend Linda's quilt top. She is having a great deal of FUN with it. We are enjoying watching her progress.

      My Best To You,

  4. I just realized that I probably comment more on the cattle drives and calfs and spring happenings on the farm, but I LOVE and ADORE your quilts and the many idea you conceptualize and complete! And if I lived even 500 miles from you, I would likely just knock on the door of your retreats and beg to come and visit. This must be the best retreat space, and I appreciate all the posts you share about you and your quilting friends. I love to see all the projects!

    1. Hi Dahn, So glad you are enjoying the blog posts. I have FUN sharing a bit of Western Oregon life with everyone.


  5. I love your retreats and the projects everyone is working on. If I lived within 500 miles of you, I would be knocking on your door and hoping to come in and visit. You have the BEST retreat space! :-)

    1. Hi Dahn, Our Quilt Palace is a 2nd residence that we inherited many years ago. It is the original homestead site from 1911 (3rd house built there). We didn't want to rent it out, so we turned it into the Quilt Place, which we share with the quilters in our tiny community.