Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Feeding Cattle and the Popcorn Tree...

Peek -A- Boo 

The Old White Cow

peeked her head out of the barn 

as we were driving by

We are checking on the heifers and their calves

this morning @ the lower barn...

This is Golden Girl's sister,

Goldie and her first calf

Althea smells the new bale of hay

the cowboy just put in the barn for the heifers...

The Flowering Cherry Trees

in the front yard are putting on a show:

When the white buds begin to bloom

they remind me of popcorn popping

I call them the....Popcorn Trees

Spring arrived early in Western Oregon

this year !

Enjoy the Video:

Enlarge video click icon bottom right corner of video

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LuAnn Kessi

1 comment:

  1. Always nice for the heifers to have an experienced mom there to show them the ropes of motherhood!! Such cute babies!! Goldie sure looks like Golden Girl and Goldie's baby looks just like mom!! Love the old white cow peering out at you - how old is she? Nice to not have a soggy spring, but I'm sure there will be a price to be paid later in the year when it is too dry...praying it is not fire!