Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dresden Plate....Progress

This is where things were when I went out

to the Thread Shed today...

The rings and circles are turned 

right sides out...

The dresden plate is ready to be stitched down

onto a background block...

I cut 18 inch blocks for the background...

They are pressed well with steam

to activate the fusible interfacing 

on the back...

Now they are ready for applique' stitching:

For invisible applique', I favor

Monopoly by Superior Threads...

Even at this close range, you can barely see

the stitching...

Stitching from the back side of the block...

Then I trimmed away all of the 

backing and fusible interfacing 

on the back side of the block...

This removes the bulk and the block

has one single layer of fabric.

I had enough time to complete 11 blocks today...

9 more to go !

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Beautifuly done, LuAnn! The stack is delicious!

  2. Wait, wait! What'd I miss?! How can you trim away fusible interface that's been fused?! Huh? These are wonderful, LuAnn!


    1. Great questions Maggie! The fusible interfacing was fused to the background fabric, which is the white 18 inch block. The fusible interfacing is easily trimmed away with the backing fabric.

      My Best To You,

  3. This makes the dreaded Dresden seem much more doable!! Looking great! What if you didn't trim away the backing and just left if, what would that do to the quilt after it was quilted?

    1. You don't have to trim away the backing fabric, however it creates so much more weight and bulk to the block and will make the quilt that much heavier. Also, it will quilt so much easier through one layer of fabric than three layers and the quilting will be much nicer.