Sunday, December 30, 2018

Bottle Calves....Update

Remember these little bottle calves ?

We raised them on a bottle 2 summers ago...

orphan calf...number 25


Bull Calf....from the dairy

Big Marv

Here they are the first day they met...May 2017

December 2017.....Weaned off the bottle

and ready to be put with the rest of the calf herd

Big Marv....eating hay fed from the hay wagon

January 2018

Vern and Big Marv learn to eat

with the rest of the calf herd

December 2018

Big Marv and Vern

Here they are eating with the cow herd

they are on the far right...

They will be 2 years this spring:

Bottle Calves.....Big Marv and Vern

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Wow, two years have flown by!! Are they still best buddies and always together/near one another? Big Marv is really big compared to Vern!! Will you use either of them as bulls or have they been castrated? I remember helping one year with vaccinations, branding and castration one year when I was about 20...I have a blast and definitely had experiences new to this then-city girl!

    1. Yes, the bottle calves are still inseparable, they are rarely more than a few feet apart....most of the time they are side by side. Yes, Big Marv is much larger than Vern....he is a holstein calf and they grown much taller. Yes, they were both banded at birth and are now steers. We have worked them several times and they run right into the chute for vaccinations, etc. They are good, easy going steers.