Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bottle Calves....New Pasture

The bottle calves are growing...

Number 25 is the twin orphan calf - 8 months

The dairy calf on the left is 6 months

They need more room to graze...

They enjoy sniffing and licking the camera!

Today we built an electric fence and

created a new enclosure for them...

they LOVE it!

When we turned them out into their new pasture, they ran, jumped and chased each other.

You can watch them in the videos below:

Bottle Calves Run and Jump from LuAnn Kessi on Vimeo.

Bottle Calves chasing each other from LuAnn Kessi on Vimeo.

Bottle Calf sucking my fingers from LuAnn Kessi on Vimeo.

A couple hours of fence building

made such a delightful impact on their lives.

They have room to run and stretch their legs,

and so much more grass to munch!

They will be weaned off the bottle this month

and I am having a bit of separation anxiety...

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Thanks for the happy video. So fun to see the calves enjoying themselves. Hope the weaning goes well.

  2. I had absolutely no idea that calves could run so fast nor as long. Looked like little race horses to me. You definitely have happy cows. What fun. Thanks for sharing.


  3. How sweet!!! I am amazed they get as close to the electric fence as they do! HA I still have memories of forgetting one strand of hot wire we had up...I would walk into that bugger so many times!!! You'd think I'd learn! HA
    I would be having anxiety weaning these two as well!!!

  4. Oh, it is so good to see the special babies again!! I think the weaning will be harder on you then it will be on them!! Better watch out you don't lose your ring to that suckling baby!!! Will they go in with all the other cattle when they are weaned? Sigh, I know they are a lot more work for you, but I rather hope you always get bottle babies to share with us here...they are so adorable! I love their reaction to being "set free" in the bigger pasture. How do they know that the power is on? We did that with our horses when a corner of the fence came down and darn if they wouldn't know when the power was off and end up grazing on the lawn around the house!