Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Whimsy Quilts....Class Prep

The Permission 2 Play Instructors

are gathered together to do some class prep 

for our October 27, 2016 class:

Fused Whimsy Quilts

We are working with a stash of

pre-fused fabrics

leftover from previous classes.

We are trying for a whimsy wonky look...

Sometimes whimsy is not easy to do...

We powered through and tried to keep

things off balance and FUN!

Fast 2 Fuse was used to create this

wavy edge treatment...

I went home and continued to tweek my design:

I change the background from green to pink.

The pink made it more FUN!

 Close Up Detail of Quilting:

I have been in a bubble mood lately...

so I went with the feeling.

Extending the bubble quilting into the borders

added to the whimsy a bit.

Fused Whimsy Quilt Class Sample

The Fast 2 Fuse is double sided fusible

so I slapped a hunk of fabric on the back

and ironed it down...

a fast, down and dirty back treatment.

The Permission 2 Play classes are limited to

3 hours so we must invent creative techniques

to enable the students to leave class with a

finished project.

CLICK HERE:  to see My Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Hola Luann, has echo un formidable labor, una presentación con distintos matices en donde lo diversos motivos se lucen de una manera hermosa, elegante y super moderna.
    Me encanto ver la diversidad de colores que entramados entre si hacen de tu proyecto un original trabajo con una paleta de tonos únicos.
    Te felicito porque quede super maravillada con esta colorida presentación.
    Desde SALTA, ARGENTINA, amiga te dejo mi admiración a tanta creatividad, una abrazo GRACIELA

  2. Very fun! This reminds me of taking a class from Laura Wasilowski, and I had the best time just fusing things down and going for the whimsy! Love your finished result--

  3. What fun!! I have a basket of those fused leftovers... I'm gonna try this. Love your design and your quilting. Especially the outer bubbles, cute...

  4. I really like the bubbles going into the border. I always called that stitching dsign pebbles or rocks. I like "Bubbles" a whole lot more