Monday, July 4, 2016

Hay Making......Photography

Day 10

My camera gets a good work out 

in the hay fields...

When the light is just right...

I jump off the tractor to make a picture!

I combine work with play...

In front of the bull barn is a

round hay bale feeder...

We put the feeders around the round bales

in the winter to feed the cattle.

We are in the third hay field today:

This is what the field looked like this morning

before we began baling the hay...

5pm tonight...

the field is all baled up

I spent the next hour chasing the light...

to make just the right images with my camera.'s all about the light!

We are expecting rain this week,

so hay making is put on hold until the

weather clears up.

Maybe I will hear 

the sweet hum of a sewing machine,

instead of the roar of a tractor,

for the next few days.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


Robbie said...

Love those last few pics of the bales sitting in the peaceful. Do you get a 2nd cutting?

Connie said...

Love your hay pictures. Reminds me of home. I'm an Idahoan transplanted to Virginia

weide mama said...

Hi Luann, today I discovered your super beautiful photos of you, here on the blog, I will often look, greetings from Wilma from Germany