Monday, October 19, 2015

Thickened Dye......Part 1

Last Thursday I printed with thickened dye...

Today I made the time to get them washed up:

This piece was scraped with a credit card 

then stamped with a cup

After batching for 3 days it is ready to rinse out...

When I pulled it off the print board...

check out the print directly under it:

I decided to remove the print board cover 

and process it as well.

When I pulled off the second print,

the print board itself was printed also...

1 print went through 3 layers of fabric...

This is the bottom layer.....

I cut the top off my print board so I could process it...

My print board is down to the batting layers...

I need to re-cover it with fabric,

but it is worth it!

Everything went into the washer and dryer:

Time to heat up the iron and get it pressed...

Here are the final fabrics:

1st layer print

2nd layer print

3rd layer print

Here are a few more fabrics created with thickened dye:

Printed, still wet....ready to batch

 I printed the screen with chartreuse green dye:

Here is the washed and dried fabric.......chartreuse green

Circle Screens......ready to print:

Here they are printed and ready to batch:

Here it is washed and dried:

Spirals created with a syringe...

Washed and dried fabric

Screen created with a syringe

Printed screen.....ready to batch

Fabric washed and dried

There's more......I will post them soon!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi