Friday, June 26, 2015

Photoshop Elements....for Quilters

Last week in the Photoshop Elements online class

we learned to sharpen images.

How does this come in handy for quilting?

Let's say you are at a quilt show taking photos of

quilts that interest this one:

When you get home to view them...

you can't see the machine quilting that you liked so much. crop the image.

Still can't see the machine quilting.

You lighten the image...

still can't see the machine quilting.


You crop in even closer....

still can't see the stitching very well at all.

Here I have used the unsharpened mask in PSE

and now I can see the swirls and plumes 

in the machine quilting.

If I am not at the sewing machine...

then I am behind my camera lens.

A lot of my images inspire my quilted textiles

and even become quilted textiles when the images 

is printed on fabric.

I took this image last year and saw the potential, 

but didn't know how to work with it to improve it...

I cropped the image......much better.

Using the levels filter in is lighter

Using the Hue/Saturation filter in is richer in color

Using the unsharp mask in PSE 

the bird's face is more in focus.

After I water the flower beds...

I love the way at the water beads up on the lupine leaves...

However, this image is too dark.

I lightened the image...

Improved the Hue and Saturation levels

Then used the unsharpened mask 

and the water drops are more in focus.

 I took this image at the aquarium last year:

Again, I knew this image had potential, 

but I couldn't make it any better.

In the PSE class I cropped it...

Then I sharpened it with the unsharpened mask.

All the fine detail of the jelly fish is in focus.

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


Robbie said...

What a great informative post! Thanks for the tips!!!

QuiltSwissy said...

I need these ladies to teach me!

Dahn said...

I love the results. I have decided I 'need' to take this class as well. Thanks for pointing it out.