Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mixed Media Quilt....

I was in the mood...

so I finished up a demo piece I started in a

Mixed Media class I was teaching

a few years ago

" Dawn of the Horse "

Rusted Fabric, Book Pages, Metal Door straps,

Horse Shoe, Metal Xs, Jeans Thread

I have a pile of demo pieces

just waiting for the inspiration to be finished.

" Life's Doorways "

Fabric, Wooden Star, Metal Doorknob Plate,

Metal Drawer Handle Plate, Waxed Paper,

Book Pages, Jeans Thread, Metal Brads

" In The Moment "

Rusted Fabric, Book pages, Post Cards,

Rusty Hinge, Keys, Waxed Linen Thread,

Leather Cording

" Patina "

Rusted Fabric, Used Tea Bags, Spur Rowels,

Metal Switch Plate

As the crow flies...

we are 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean

Sunset....... at Newport, Oregon

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


2ne said...

Love them all. Have started on planing one by keys myself and have rust dyed fabric for it - look forward to do it - you may gave me a pusch to start soon.... Love your work.

carrie (believemagic) said...

These art quilts are amazing!

Unknown said...

Hello, I just found your post and gorgeous artwork, thanks for sharing! May I ask: How do you handle the weight of some of your heavier elements like spurs or estucheon or switch plates? If you have tips to share about managing these weightier elements and how they affect the hanging/display of your artwork, I'd be so grateful! Lisa

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hello Unknown, you are a no reply blogger which means you have no email contact info so I cannot write you back directly so I will answer your comment here:
For quilts that have heavier embellishments I place a very stiff interface in the middle along with the batting. This keeps the piece rigid and flat and I can still quilt through all of the layers. On the back side I sew on a hanging sleeve, or hanging triangles or sometimes sew on a metal picture hanger with the little teeth. If one side of the quilt is terribly heavy I can sew weights onto the back of the quilt to balance out and distribute the weight. I hope this helps and answers your questions.
My Best To You,
LuAnn Kessi