Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Inspiration....for the New Year

During the very long and wet 

Western Oregon winters

I inspire my creativity through photography.

Especially, photos of flowers.

They are bright, cheerful and lift my spirits.

Most of the photos here were taken in our yard.

This is my photography.  Please feel FREE to use the

images in your personal art work if you are inspired!

Enjoy the Slideshow:

(you can download images at the end of the slideshow)

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Here are a few quilts I created from my flower images:

State Fair Zinnia

The rose that grows on the patio

Pink Iris from the front flowerbed

I hope I have given you some colorful and cheerful inspiration to start the New Year!

CLICK HERE to view my Quilts

May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,
LuAnn Kessi


Francie said...

LuAnn, Thanks so much for brightening my day with your gorgeous photos - they are, indeed, truly inspirational! Color is truly a blessing from on high.

Martha said...

Lu Ann, I enjoy following your blog; your photography is amazing, and you are so generous to make it available for our inspiration! Thank you! Have a blessed 2013.

Ineke said...

Great! Lots of inspiration, thank you.

Linda Stokes said...

Gorgeous photos - you have a stunning garden & nice to see you using your photos for your quilts.

LuAnn Kessi said...

So nice to see everyone inspired by the flower images. I am always happy to share inspiration and share my photography.
Wishing you all lots of creativity in the new year!
LuAnn in Oregon

queenopearls said...

LuAnn, your artistic talents know no bounds. Gorgeous photography and stunning subject matter. Just amazing.
One question... no Gunnr in the shots? :)
Thanks always and Happiest New Year to you and yours,
Christina in Cleveland

vickievanphd said...

Well I certainly get the wetness of it all...Snowed a while here yesterday!! North of B'ham, in Everson WA. Thanks for the inspiration. Beautiful photos

Margaret Applin said...

Love your video!!! Everything is so bold and fresh and beautiful!!! Sooo much inspiration!!!

shenyon said...

Breathtaking photography. Are you the gardener? Do you have help? Those are some of the most amazing flower beds I've ever seen outside an arboretum or an estate with a large staff. Thank you.

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Shenyon,

I receive so much help from my favorite guy in the flower beds. We are a team and I couldn't or wouldn't do it without him. My inspiration for tending the flowers is when I can step out the front door and capture their beauty with the camera. That is enough.

My Best To You,

Elisabeth said...

Hello LuAnn!
Thank you for sharing for all great photos of your life!
I leave in in small town near Vienna in Austria and it is beautiful to see quilters all over the world.
Best wishes and a happy new year!

Susan Lorange said...

Dear LuAnn. I think you must be an angel. I have just found you today and you already make me happy. You are fortunate to have such a beautiful garden, blessed with the ability to see it and a true angel wanting to share that and your wonderful work with others. what a gift to be able to reach out and make a difference to people around the world. lots of love. Susan from Denmark

LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Susan,
You are a No-Reply blogger, so I will reply to you here. Many thanks for your very kind comments. So glad you are enjoying the blog. Inspiration can be given and received so easily in this blog world we live in today.....it's a wonderful thing.
Wishing you all the best,
LuAnn in Oregon

susanh4700 said...

LuAnn, I enjoy all your posts but your flower pictures take my breath away. Thank you so much for sharing them.