Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Magnetic Pincushions...

Today I spent the day making a few party favors...

Magnetic Pincushions

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I have to admit....this was a fun project!

This little plate measures about 3 inches across.
It has a magnet glued to the bottom, so the pins stay put.

I found it at the thrift store for less than a dollar.
Wouldn't this be sweet on your sewing table, and it wouldn't take up much room either.

Very Round Kitty Cat
Just throw the pins at the plate, and they stick to it!


Polk a Dots

Ice Cream Sundae


Ice Cream Cone

These all came from thrift shopping.
What a great way to recycle...

Here is how I did it:

Glue a magnet on the bottom of each plate

You only need one heavy duty magnet (left plate)
3 Regular magnets (right plate)

All Purpose Adhesive works fine.

Time to wrap them up:

Square piece of sparkly tulle and ribbon make the perfect gift wrapping

Magnetic Pincushions ready for gift giving...

I think each one cost under $2 to make, including the wrapping.

Go get busy.....your friends would love one of these!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,


  1. What a great idea! I'd love to make one. Where do you buy your magnets?

  2. Thank you!! This is a super idea! I like to give small gifts to my quilter friends but they feel bad if too much money is spent--off I go to the thrift store!

  3. Any craft store will sell the magnets.
    Just ask the sales help where the magnets are.
    Magnets come in all shapes and sizes: square sheets, long thin strips or round dots.
    I prefer the round extra strength magents, they cost $1 each, but you only need one per plate.
    Don't short yourself by purchasing magnets that aren't strong will be disappointed with the results.
    Have Fun!

  4. What a clever idea!! I could just shop in my own cupboard for this project.

  5. This is brilliant! I've always wanted a couple more of these but they are so expensive. I've got tons of vintage plates so all I need is the magnets. Thanks for a really wonderful idea!

  6. I love the magnetic pin catchers. I can't wait to receive mine. When should I expect it in my mailbox? (LOL)

    I'm sure your friends will enjoy your very thoughtful gift.

  7. What a great idea. I'm bookmarking this so I'll remember it. Then, I'll make several up (and wrap them like you did) for members' birthdays next year. Yay! I have an inexpensive gift, and it's practical too. Thank you for sharing.

  8. wondering how these magnets like the really strong one affects the computerized machines. Usually my pin cushions would be sitting near my machine. I do love the idea and would like to make some.

  9. I have used the Grabbit magnetic pincushions by my computerized machine for 8 years now, and they are much stronger than these little magnets, and I have never had any problems.
    I also keep one by my design wall as I am always reaching for pins while I work vertically.
    If you baste your quilts with safety pins, they work well for holding your safety pins while you baste your quilts.
    You will come up with lots of uses for them.

  10. How very cool! I loved your magnetic pin catcher! Thanks you!

  11. Thanks for the fabulous idea. I've put a link on my blog for all my readers.
    I have to get to the dollar store tomorrow to make some up.

  12. My granddaughter just received a little plate from a school mate that traveled to Germany, what a clever idea, she is 8 and has been doing some hand stitching since 6, this will be a great project to keep her interest up.....thank you for sharing, Paula

  13. This is sooooooooooooo brilliant beyond measure - I already use cups and saucers for delightful pincushions and what wonderful companion pieces these would make!!!! Also even a sweet idea for Mother's Day, May Day or any other day, thank you SO much, you made MY day!!!!!!!