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Monday, May 31, 2010

Permission 2 Play - Needle Felting Class

May found us learning the technique of...

Needle Felting

Click Images to Enlarge:
Everyone is gathered at JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop in Philomath Oregon to learn Needle Felting

Instructor: Cindy McNutt-Kaestner
Displaying one of her felted pieces

Felted Flower Class Sample
By Instructor: Nancy Bryant

The students were anxious to check out the felted class samples

Martha is trying out the felting machine...

Nancy is helping Jan & Andy learn to needle felt by hand

Andy is a photographer from the Gazette Times Newspaper in Corvallis, Oregon
He arrived with Reporter, Rachel Beck, to do an article about our Permission 2 Play Art Quilt Group.

CLICK HERE to read the Gazette Times Article

Barbara.........Pink & Purple Hand Felted Piece

Virginia.........Hand Felted Landscapes

Martha........really enjoyed using the felting machine!

Jan.......Hand Needle Felting Piece

Martha........Hand & Machine Needle Felted Tree

Many Thanks to JanniLou Creations Quilt Shop for sponsoring this FREE class offering to cancer diagnosed patients. A warm hug to Cindy & Nancy for leading this most enjoyable needle felting technique!

See you in June......we are creating home made stamps!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Needle Felting.......Landscape

A few weeks ago I experienced hand felting for the first time.

This is what I made...

Felted Shoulder Bag

This bag was designed and created by fellow instructor, Nancy Bryant
We had a play day a few weeks ago and she provided me with a kit to create my own bag.

Hand Felted Shoulder Bags

I had such a great experience with my first felting project!

Today I plan to play around with felting again.

This time I am creating a felted landscape piece

Let's see what the day brings...

Hand Felting Needle Tool

I am pushing the safety shield down so you can see all of the very sharp barb needles.

Hand Felting Needle Tool

This safety shield helps protect you from felting your fingers along with the wool roving.

Layering several shades of blue wool roving at the top for the sky area

Using a very, very firm piece of foam on the underside, I push the needle felting tool up and down which pushes the wool roving deep into the fibers of the background.

I decided to add some fibers in with the wool roving

At this point, I am about an hour or so into this felted project.
These pieces move along rather quickly.
They are also very don't want to stop!

All of the wool roving has been felted at this point.

I am now ready to add some bead work to this...

The beads added lots of texture to this piece

This was a lot of fun to put together.

Hand Felted Landscape

Ivy growing INSIDE the doorway to the Thread Shed

I think a bit of trimming is in order!

Lavender Iris

Dark Pink Iris

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

Monday, April 26, 2010

Needle Felting Play Day...

I spent the day with friends...
This is my first attempt at playing with Needle Felting

Click Images to Enlarge:

Cindy's progress

I am adding leaves to my piece...

Kathi's flower piece...

Cindy using vibrant colors on a black background

I found this to be so relaxing and fun!

Cindy using a chop stick to hold her wool roving in place

Kathi shared her gorgeous bright wool roving with me.
Now......that is a true friend!

Look for more needle felting posts next month...

Photos Courtesy of Nancy Bryant

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,