Saturday, July 6, 2019

Indigo Dyeing....Reveal

Remember our...

Indigo Dyeing Play Day ???

This is our BIG REVEAL....enjoy!



Kitchen Towel



Kathi created a bag

Indigo dyed over rusted fabric

Everyone enjoyed playing with Indigo...

we want to give it another go!

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May Your Bobbin Always Be Full,

LuAnn Kessi


  1. Wow!!! Love what everyone created!!

  2. Wow, what wonderful stuff. I especially like the clothes. I think my problem is I am using a cotton yarn to tie and it is absorbing too much dye and I am not getting such nice patterns. What kind of string are you using?

  3. I love checking out your blog. You did such creative, fun stuff. I've just recently tried indigo and love it. I'm thinking about doing it with one of my art groups and was wondering if everyone should have their own indigo bucket, so they can keep better track of their re-dippings and their pieces or can two or more could share a bucket. Do you have any suggestions or tips on this? Thanks for any suggestions you are willing to share. Keep up the inspirational posts!

  4. We all had our own indigo dye buckets and agreed it was the best way to go. After awhile, everyone's bundles begin to look alike and it would be hard to tell them apart. Also there is lots of dipping and re-dipping to do. If everyone has their own bucket there is no waiting line. This process takes quite awhile, most of us dipped our pieces more than 4 times and most 7 to 10 times to get that dark navy blue color.

    Have FUN,

  5. Thank you. That's what I was thinking would work best too. The kits are less than $10 at Dharma and it would make it so much easier.